Meet the Finalists

The Connectivity Challenge has selected five finalists. These organizations (listed in alphabetical order) represent solutions in landscape connectivity in North America that are integrated, impactful, feasible, and compelling.



Borderlands Restoration Network

Bacanora for Bats: Binational Conservation and Sustainable Agave Spirits

National Audubon Society

Birds Connect Us: Empowering Communities through Migratory Bird Technology


Cascadia Biodiversity Watch: visualizing dynamic landscape connectivity in real-time

Climate Science Alliance (California Wildlife Foundation as fiscal sponsor)

Catalyzing Connectivity for Tribal Cultural and Community Resilience

The Nature Conservancy, Central Appalachians Program

Restoring Mine Lands for Habitat Connectivity in the Central Appalachians

Honorable Mentions


Colorado Open Lands

Agua es Vida: Re-Connecting Agriculture and Water Across Artificial Lines

ARC Solutions (fiscally sponsored by the CLLC)

ARC International Shared-Use Green Infrastructure Design Competition

Pacific Forest Trust, Inc.

Building Landscape Connectivity at Scale for Environmental and Economic Resilience

University of Washington

Green Pathways: Connecting Seattle's People and Wildlife

The Nature Conservancy

Reconnecting Streams to Increase Freshwater Resilience

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Safe Passage for Wildlife in the Southern Canadian Rockies

The IISAAK OLAM Foundation

Snaqua (Heron) Stewardship Solutions: Financing Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas

Western Landowners Alliance

Sustaining the Working Wild


A Tri-national Partnership: Connecting Countries through Western Forest Bird Conservation

Central Arizona Conservation Alliance (Desert Botanical Garden)

The White Tank Mountains Connectivity Initiative Proof of Concept

Top Ranked Proposals


Black Swamp Bird Observatory

Assessing Lake Crossing by Migrating Birds to Inform Responsible Development

Hummingbird Monitoring Network (HMN)

Beginning Hummingbird Conservation Communities and Reserves (HCCRs) with Partners

BIG RIVER CONNECTIVITY--Watershed Rewilding Via Cores, Corridors, and Crossings.

The Nature Conservancy

Blue Ridge to Boreal: Leveraging partnerships to catalyze continental-scale connectivity

Leland Stanford Junior University

Collaborative Stewardship for Connectivity in the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

Defenders of Wildlife

Connecting for Recovery

Pronatura Veracruz A.C

Connecting mangroves and fisheries: conservation tool in Alvarado Lagoon System.

Climate Conservation, DBA CLLC, fiscal sponsor for NLC

Connecting People, Purpose, and Practice: Catalyzing Collaborative Landscape Conservation


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