Help us generate new solutions to challenges in landscape connectivity in North America.

Our planet faces existential threats driven by human-induced climate change, species extinction, and rapid population growth, all contributing to increasing pressure on and fragmentation of rural and urban landscapes. To combat these forces, we must bridge divides to ensure best-in-class solutions are shared and widely adopted.

The Connectivity Challenge invites applicants to submit their best ideas for creating meaningful change and driving innovation in landscape connectivity for habitat and community benefit. A $100,000 award will be presented to the winning team to implement their proposal.

About the Salazar Center

The CSU Salazar Center for North American Conservation supports and advances the health and connectivity of the natural systems and landscapes of North America – be they urban or rural; working or wildlands; public or private. We know that healthy natural systems bolster climate adaptation and resilience, protect biodiversity, and sustain long-term human health. Our intersectional approach builds bridges that connect academic research, community practice, and policy development. 

Are you ready to catalyze change for the resilience and health of ecosystems in North America?

Join us in finding breakthrough projects to increase landscape connectivity for habitat and community benefit.